Hello Everyone! After what seems like such a long break, I can happily say that I am back in action with endless dance rehearsals here at Muhlenberg! This semester, I will be blogging about the three dance pieces that I was cast in for the upcoming student-choreographed show, Dance Emerge. Immediately after returning to classes for the spring, the MDA held auditions for this show featuring fourteen talented student choreographers, each chosen by Muhlenberg’s dance faculty. Needless to say, I am extremely honored to be a part of a show again this semester.     

To start off rehearsals, all of my choreographers explained the concepts, main ideas, or moods of their pieces. These ideas ranged from water to plastic, spirals to angles, and improvisation to math. Needless to say, Dance Emerge 2013 is going to feature quite a wide variety of dance styles. After learning more about the piece, choreographers took one of two routes: either jumping right into pre-set choreography, or letting the dancers explore the ideas themselves through improvisation. Personally, I had the most fun getting to explore other dancers’ ideas by improvising under certain confines, such as using a prop or a certain song chosen by the choreographer.  

Now that I am a few weeks into rehearsals, I am thrilled to see how far these dances have already come. All three pieces have completed a few minutes each of set choreography, which will soon be presented before the Muhlenberg dance staff at our first showing. I am especially excited to see the response to one dance piece, which features structured improvisation and music created by another talented Muhlenberg student. Overall, I’m super eager to see where these dances travel to, and how all of these hours will pay off in the end!
Be sure to mark your calendars for Dance Emerge! Shows are April 18-21 in the Dance Studio Theatre. Tickets: http://bit.ly/YBXbkQ